Understanding Elk Calls

Selecting an elk call to use can be overwhelming to new hunters. With so many options to choose from, how are you supposed to know which ones you’ll need to be the most successful your hunting season? Once you understand what you should be looking for in an elk call, it can make the process of picking one to use much easier.

Different Elk Calls You’ll Need

Elks have many different vocalizations. These include chirps, mew, barks, bugle and chuckle. Based on what vocalizations you hear from the elk you’re hunting, you can decide what call to use. The three calls you’ll want to have on hand for any elk hunt are the bugle tube, open reed and bite calls.

Bugle Tube: The bugle tube is a must-have call on any elk hunt. This call is used primarily to when a bull is moving further away from you to bring it closer.

Open Reed: The open reed cow call is another good call to have on hand. This call is usually used for the cow and calf, but it can also be used for a bull if necessary.

Bite Call: The bite call is a great complementary call to the bugle tube and open reed calls. This call creates a nasally sound that can encourage a bull to come the last 50 yards to get in range.

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