The Bull That…

I was recently watching a professional hunting show and where the host was in pursuit of very nice large, six-point bull during archery season in Wyoming. I was absolutely transfixed at the chess game that the host was playing with the wind, the terrain, the weather and most of all with the elk. Did I mention that this bull had about 20 cows with him?

Not only did we see the host moving silently to set up “the shot,” but he had his cameraman in tow. He would call to the bull; the bull would call back…ever creeping closer to the host and his crew. I was completely captivated by the skills that the host and his crew were using. The defining moment was building, and the host was setting up for the shot. With his bow drawn, he waited for the bull to take that one critical step out from behind a set of trees. Waiting, waiting, waiting. The wind changed and that beautiful bull caught the scent just right. With a loud Crack! Smash! The bull and his harem turned and disappeared. The host turned to the camera with a huge smile, “Whoop, did you see that bull? That was awesome!”

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