When selling your hunting or fishing gear, it is important that you have a satisfactory picture of your product. This will make your product more likely to catch a potential customer’s eye. Additionally, it will provide your potential customers with a better understanding of what they are buying. In order to take a good picture of your gear, follow these three steps.

1.) Make sure that your product has good lighting. If possible, take the picture where it can receive natural lighting. A couple places to do this would be near a window or outside. Try to avoid taking the picture in a room with only artificial lighting.

2.) Try to make your background as simple as possible. This could mean taking a picture of your product placed up against a blank wall or an empty space on the floor or a table. Avoid taking your picture with a cluttered background because this will distract your customers from your product.

3.) Make sure to take a picture of your product’s “good side,” meaning you capture as much of the important details as you can in the photo.