Once your product is purchased, it is important that you ship your item in a timely manner. In order to assist you in the shipping process, here are some tips to help you. When you have successfully shipped your product, we highly recommend that you submit your tracking number to your Vendor Dashboard. You can view instructions on how to do this on the How to Submit Tracking Number page.

Packing Your Product

  • Find a container that is slightly larger than your product. This will allow you space to fit packing material on all sides of the product and keep your product in good condition while it ships.
  • Surround the product in bubble wrap, foam, or paper until there is no room for the product to move around.
  • Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape or paper tape.
  • Clearly label the package and include a return address.
  • If you’re reusing an old box, make sure that you cover or cross out any previous labels or addresses with a black marker.

Printing a Shipping Label

  • It is very quick and simple to create shipping labels for FedEx, UPS and USPS.
  • Once you have your shipping label created, you can print it on normal paper and tape it to your box with clear packaging tape.

Submitting Your Tracking Number

When you create a shipping label, you will receive a tracking number. We highly recommend that you submit your tracking number to your Vendor Dashboard to ensure that both the buyer and seller can confirm the order. For instructions on how to submit your tracking number, please see our How to Submit Tracking Number page.