By listing your gear on our site, you are acknowledging that you have read our Fees & Services page.

In addition to selling your gear for a fixed price, you can also auction your products. If you would like to simply sell your gear for a flat fee, please click here. If you would like to set your gear up for auction, please continue reading.

In order to auction your hunting and fishing gear, you must create an account on our website. This will create your very own vendor dashboard where you can sell or auction as many products as you want to fellow outdoor enthusiasts nationwide. In your vendor page, you will be able to manage all of your products (i.e set your desired prices, edit your product descriptions, add new products, etc.). Follow these steps below to set your gear up for auction in a matter of minutes.

1.) Click the My Account tab in the menu bar or click here.

2.) If you already have an account, type your username and password in the Login box and click the Log in button.

Note: Go to step 8 to skip the account creation steps and see how to upload your products to sell.

3.) If you do not already have an account, check I am a vendor in the Register box. This will prompt you to fill out your desired account information. Your shop name will be what your vendor page is called. You can make it something simple (example: Mike’s Shop) or make it related to the products you wish to sell (example: Mike’s Hunting Knives). Make sure that you remember your email and password because it will be your login information in the future. We require your phone number so that we can directly contact you about your products if needed (we will NOT contact you unless there is an issue with one of your products posted). Once you have finished filling out your information, click the Register button.

4.) A window saying Welcome to the Marketplace! will pop up. This is where you will put the settings for your vendor page. Click the Let’s Go! button to begin.

5.) The Store Setup page will come up. You can keep the Store Product Per Page amount at 10. Fill out your information in the prompted fields below.

Note: Your address will NOT be visible on the website.

6.) The Payment Setup page will come up. Fill out your PayPal e-mail that you would like to receive your payments to. If you do not currently have a PayPal account and need to make one, please click here.

Note: We will NOT show your PayPal on the shop page. We only need it in order for you to receive payments for your products.

7.) Your vendor dashboard is now ready to go! Click Go to your Store Dashboard! to navigate to your page.

8.) Your vendor dashboard will come up. This page shows the data for all of your sales. In order to upload a new product to be auctioned, click the Auction tab to the left.

9.) Your auction page will come up. You can view all of your currently listed auctions here. In order to add a new auction, click the Add New Auction Produc button.

10.) The Add New Auction Product page will open. This is where you will upload an image of your product, input a product name and description, select a category, and create a starting price, bid increment, reserved price and buy it now price. First, upload an image of your product by clicking the Upload Product Image button.

Note: In order to see how to take a good picture of your product, please click here.

11.) The Upload featured image window will pop up. Click the Select Files button to upload your image.

12.) Select the image of your product that you wish to be displayed and click the Open button.

13.) The Media Library window will open with your picture. Select your picture (make sure that there is a blue check mark on it indicating that it is selected) and click the Set featured image button.

14.) You will return to the Add New Auction Product page with an image of your product now. Next, type your product name and description. In the first description box, provide a short description about your product. In the second description box at the bottom of the page, provide a more detailed description about your product.

15.) Next, you will need to select a category for your product. Click the Select a category drop down menu and click the subcategory that best fits your product. In this case, the Men subcategory was selected under the category Clothing & Footwear.

16.) You can also add tags to your product to help draw in more customers. Click the Tags field and make some selections from the drop down menu.

17.) Next, you can set your item condition as new or used and set your start price, reserved price, bid increment and buy it now price. If you are unsure what these terms mean, you can view the definitions below:

Start Price: The price that the bidding must start at.

Reserved price: The hidden lowest price that the item will sell at. If you allow the bidding to start lower than the reserved price and the final bid does not exceed the reserved price, then your product will not be sold.

Bid increment: The amount by which the current high bid is raised each time someone places a higher bid.

Buy it now price: The price at which a customer can buy your product, despite what the bidding is at. At any moment someone can purchase your product at this price.

Note: Please keep the Auction type as Normal and leave the Enable proxy bidding for this auction product box unchecked as shown below.

18.) Now you will need to select an Auction Start date and Auction End date. When you click the entry fields a calendar will pop up. Simply pick the date that you want your auction to begin for the auction start date and then pick the date you want the auction to finish for the auction end date.

19.) You may check the Enable automatic relisting for this auction if you wish for your auction to restart if your reserved price is not met. If you check this box, three fields will pop up that say Relist if fail after n hours, Relist if not paid after n hours and Relist auction duration in h. Simply input 1 into the Relist if fail after n hours and Relist if not paid after n hours fields, and input 168 into the Relist auction duration in h field as shown below.

Note: If you do not want your auction to be relisted, please leave this box unchecked.

20.) Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Add auction Product button.

Now you are ready to set up the shipping settings for your product! Please navigate to the How To Set Up Shipping page or simply click here.