MyCamoExchange.com was founded after the realization that there was not a dependable e-commerce site dedicated solely to hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment. We wanted to create a community where hunters and fishermen around the country could feel secure in selling their used gear. In order to provide this security, we make sure that both buyers and sellers are legitimate when making transactions on our site.

In order to sell your gear, you must create a vendor account on our website. We require all sellers to create a vendor account before listing their items in order to verify legitimacy. Once a vendor account is created, you can list your gear for a fixed price or auction. We have detailed guides for account creation and listing your gear on our How to Sell Your Gear and How to Auction Your Gear pages. There is zero cost to list your gear on our website.

Once your gear is listed, it will appear on our main shop page for potential customers to view. As soon as someone purchases your product, you will receive an e-mail with their phone number, e-mail and shipping address. It is up to you to ship your product. You must package your product and ship it to the customer within a week of it being purchased or the customer is eligible to ask for a full refund. Once the product is shipped, the last thing that you have to do is provide the tracking number for verification. For instructions on how to submit your tracking number, please see our How to Submit Tracking Number page.

After providing the tracking number, you can request to withdraw your money by clicking the Withdraw button found in your Vendor Dashboard. Your withdraw request will be accepted within 1-5 business days to give us time to verify that the transaction was completed. Before selling your gear on our website, note that we take a flat fee of 10% of your selling price as commission for our customer service, payment processing and seller protection. This commission is not taken until after the sale is made, so you never have to pay any upfront fees.

Although we provide a platform to sell used hunting equipment, we are unable to sell firearms. If you would like to sell your firearms, you must find a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. If you have any questions about finding a legal firearms dealer in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on our Contact Us page or via e-mail at info@mycamoexchange.com. We would be more than happy to assist you. For more information regarding prohibited items on our site, please see our Legal Issues page.