Cardio is Key for My Hunting Season

I’ve been hunting for about 10 years now– kind of a late bloomer in the realm of hunting. Even prior to my obsession with elk hunting, I always tried to stay physically fit. I wrestled in high school and remember that despite the pain and exhaustion, I felt great and could hold my own when I needed to test my cardio abilities.

Fast forward to my life now and my enjoyment of hunting. I’m certainly older now but I feel the need to keep my cardio fitness is more critical now. With age, I’ve realized my body doesn’t have the same level of metabolism, muscle mass and cardio abilities that I once took advantage of. I still like Oreo’s and a milk shake isn’t a four-letter word for me. However, I really try to maintain an active life by continually doing cardio exercises throughout the year. I’ve had too many conversations with myself about how I wish I would’ve gone that extra mile on the treadmill while I was trailing a big buck or elk up a hillside or across a valley.

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