What is Camo Protect?

MyCamoExchange.com was created to provide a community of hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts a secure way to buy and sell new and used equipment. In order to provide the greatest security possible for both our buyers and sellers, we created Camo Protect.

Camo Protect is a multi-level form of security to ensure all transactions are completed successfully for both buyers and sellers. The first level of security is having all sellers register a vendor account before being able to list any items for sale. This allows us to ensure that our sellers and the products that they are listing are legitimate. Once the seller fills out all of the necessary information and lists their equipment, it will be available in the shop for purchase.

The second level of security comes into effect when a buyer purchases a product from the seller. Upon purchase, the money is immediately charged from the buyer and securely held in an account controlled by us. This way the money is ready to be delivered to the seller as soon as the product is delivered to the buyer. Alternatively, if the seller fails to ship the product within five business days, the money can be refunded to the buyer no questions asked (unless the seller has a reasonable excuse communicated and approved by the buyer).

At the end of the day, we created Camo Protect to give both buyers and sellers reassurance that transactions are set up in a way to ensure funds are secure for all parties involved. For more information, see our Fees & Services page.